Android New 4.4 ” KitKat ”

Why on earth Google will start giving names to Androids? and I think they are very silly names, diminishes the product.  Android whatever the number is much better.

Because it allows consumers to rapidly identify different versions of Android much more so than a numbering change. Also, it’s not unprecedented. Apple does it all the time with large cats and nobody’s accusing them of diminishing their product.




You know the Android
1.5 – Cupcake
1.6 – Donut
2.0 – Eclair
2.2 – Froyo
2.3 – Gingerbread
3.0 – HoneyComb
4.0 – Ice Cream Sandwich
4.1 – Jelly Bean
4.4 – KitKat

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Got New Nexus 7

Is it really worth it to upgrade to the new Nexus 7  got my nexus7 last year and I’m loving it. Just want to know, if I’m missing out on anything. haven’t set mine down since I got off work Friday. Getting a solid 10+ hours of screen time on a charge. Zero complaints!  screen looks great, Im happy with the original but sure its tempting.

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Chromecast is a new, easy way to enjoy online video and music on your TV and it costs just $35. Get a sense of what you can do with Chromecast in the below video, then tell us what you’re excited to watch with Chromecast in the comments!

Chromecast was sold out after 5 minutes. Is this going to be another Nexus 4 debacle?
Update: It seems you can order one with your MacBook but not on an iPad. There you only get the messages “limit reached” or “out of inventory”. Pretty wicked price point!  Looking forward to it coming to the Cdn Play store, or to Best Buy in the US- next best thing

It was demoed today. Basically anything on a Chrome tab can be show on your TV. Demo featured Google+ photo slideshow. If you can Chrome Browser It you can Chromecast It.

Chromecast works: HTML5, WebRTC, and the technology behind casting

There’s two methods to getting content onto your Chromecast. One uses Google API’s and official applications. The other uses the Google Cast extension and video streaming. Here’s a look at some of the technology behind casting.

As a corollary to method 2 using WebRTC, does that mean local video content streamed using the HTML interface has to be effectively re-encoded in order to display it on the Chromecast? I’m assuming the WebRTC codec they’re using (probably VP8) is going to be lossy, so is that going to further degrade the quality of said video?

consise article on the technologies used in the Chromecast. Looks like they are getting smarter about opening up their new platforms for developers to keep more control. As much as I don’t like Apple’s tight reign on things, it is good to have some control I guess to prevent the platform from blowing up in Google’s face.

200 lines of codes also sounds like a small effort to enable chrome casting in existing apps. The possibilities are endless. Which apps would you like to see adding support first?

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New Nexus 7!

New Nexus 7! the new Nexus 7 is live through Best Buy for pre-order. And yes  one thing we – typically – haven’t really heard much about is availability.  Play Store only?  US-only?  Selected retailers?  Will it be on the shelves at Walmart by the end of the month?

but I’ve already got a live blog to watch. I prefer a live stream so I can hear what’s going on without the writer’s commentary, but this event is nonexistent on the Google events page what on an LTE model? I’m going to replace my n7 hspa with the new one, but I need mobile data. Hopefully I don’t have to wait 6 months.

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The New Nexus 7

Looks like at 24th July launch with possible availability from the 25th July. Running Android 4.3 the new nexus 7 looking at a Snapdragon S4 Pro processor, a 1.2MP front camera, a 5MP rear camera, and possibly 4GB of RAM  Google also invited the press to an event on the 24th. Unless something odd happens, it’s beginning to look like next Wednesday will be Nexus 7 day.

Get your Google Wallet account and F5 buttons ready similar to the first one, except for the camera, full black and new hardware design is just perfect and it’s all black

I’d be ok if it was EXACTLY the same as the first, with a front facing camera and updated internals and a smaller bezel.  I like the design and especially the feel of the back of the old one.

Nexus logo was located with the tablet being held horizontally in mind this time, not vertically  faux leather backing a lot wish they kept it and the chrome accent which made it more attractive then a black slab.

A really high end 7″ tablet with a Snapdragon 800, 4GB PC 3200 RAM, throw out the cameras, i’d even say keep the old display (a little lower res, but faster responsiveness) and use the Android OS of course.

That seems to be the only difference between the Apple tablets and the Android tablets. I prefer Androids software, but the hardware choices make it slow. Sometimes, unbearably slow

Price is going to be the big draw. That plus with fast updated. Wonder when 4.3 for the ‘old’ nexus 7 will role out…. Same day I hope. It’s better than the Tegra 3. :D Besides; Nexus is always fast. Glitchy storage was holding back the Nexus 7, and only for some people.

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How Can Install whatsapp on my nexus 7 WiFi?

How can I install whatsapp on my nexus 7 ?
If it’s on your phone, you can use your favorite backup app to copy the apk and try to install it on your N7. I don’t use that app, so I can’t say for sure if it’ll run properly.

If you’re heart is set on using Whatsapp, then give that a try. tried backing up the Apk and putting it on the tablet. It does work, but you’ll have issues as it does not have a phone number, plus you can only have WhatsApp on one device at a time.

First installed it on Bluestacks and later onto my N7. Only you can’t use it on your phone anymore with the same telephonenumber. Download a apk file of Whatsapp and install it on your N7. Then get the code from your sms onto your phone, put it into WA and you are ready.

Device needs to have phone capability and WhatsApp stubbornly refuses to allow the app to work on more than one device per user. WhatsApp is basically tied to your primary phone device.
I think quite a few people have emailed them about the limitations of only being able to install to one mobile phone device and no tablet sync compatibility. Here are your options..
Tablet Talk in the Play Store syncs your phone’s sms txt messages to your tablet using wifi or bluetooth, also has great pop up features and skins.

Mysms in the Play Store also syncs your sms text messages to your tablet but additionally has a desktop feature where you can also send msgs throught their website service.
There are also other free messaging services like facebook messenger, Kik, imo, eBuddy etc all which allow you to download .

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Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 family arrives in the US

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 3 family arrives in the US Samsung revealed that the Galaxy Tab 3 7, Galaxy Tab 3 8, and Galaxy Tab 3 10.1
Samsung’s Tab 3 10 has a screen that was mediocre TWO years ago. The original iPad had the same resolution as the “new” tab 3′s. If I had $399 to spend on a tablet, thee is no need for me to even think about the tab 3. The Nexus 10 will get every update for android the screen is ten times better at the same price point, and the processor is better than the Tab 3′s. Samsung needs to stop making people buy products because of their name when there are much better products from Google, Asus.

The point though… Its an old screen but if it didn’t have it would cost more. Why is this so difficult? I can understand why the 10 is better, but I’m trying to explain why this product exists and why it shouldn’t incite as much rage as it does around here. They are putting out a product that is clearly successful from a brand that has a good rep and they don’t “make” people buy anything . The asus products are currently not better and are more expensive. Specs are better but the experience is not. I know, I’ve owned them.

Asus tablets are better than Samsung’s as their Memo Pad 10 inch is better than the Tab 3 10 AND it costs $299. Samsung makes their products for $40 and sells than to quadruple their money at the expense of their customers. There is no point of a costumer to buy a Samsung device when their are better devices out on the market at the same and lower price points with MUCH better build quality. Plus, who wants a physical home button on a 10 inch tablets or a china brand tablets on nextbuying  ?

It isn’t out yet and I can’t see a price? I wouldn’t be too sure about it being better…my $800 transformer infinity was a dog because they cheaped out on the slowest EMMC known to man. We know a Nexus 10 is sold for no profit so the right balance must be somewhere in the middle. The Samsung tabs has solid performance while not having ground breaking specs. This plus brand recognition (which has value) is why they sell. But you continue to have an issue with Samsung supplying the market

Samsung is a for-profit company. If it had to compete with the nexus 10 to be in the market it couldn’t make any money, so it wouldn’t make any and we wouldn’t have any to buy. Google can do it in small volume because it drives Android and other sales, but Google most definitely would not want to be a large part of the market, and would pull back if they were. For my parents there aren’t many 10″ tablets at a cheaper price point than this from the big brands….so this is pretty much it. They have an ipad if thats what you define as “better” but don’t use it.

I never said Nexus 10 was perfect, just said it was better than the Galaxy 3, for the same price. Why you think that other tablets will disappear if we buy too many Nexus is a mystery … About your parents though, I think the reason they are happy with the product is mainly because they don’t know and need any better, and because it serves their purpose quite well, which I don’t doubt. Would a half-priced tablet serve the same needs just as well ?

So is there a problem with Apple selling a similar spec’ed device for the same price? My parents have a Galaxy Tab 10.1 and they love it. When I tell them about the slow Tegra 2 processor they don’t care. They prefer it to the ipad (which they also own) for reasons unknown. These people buy these things and it suits their use case perfectly. If they are happy then Samsung has done it’s job.

however Samsung isn’t trying to make them low end. I believe Sammy is trying to push these out as there Hi-End Tablets. I believe the Tab 3 is “Supposed” to compete with iPad. But for us tech users, we know this is a joke. And while I do enjoy an SD Card slot, I wouldn’t sacrifice that over a crisp display.

1280 x 800 is the best you could do? My Nexus 10 which you designed sports a 2560 x 1600 display. Minimum you should have done was at least get to 1920 x 1080. Compete with at least Asus Transformer.

OS will get updated maximum twice with a buggy version of TouchWiz and then be forgotten forever by everyone at Samsung, because in 3 weeks, they already release Galaxy Tab 7 and Galaxy S 2 4 … This is getting ridiculously shameful ..

And as long as low end tablets continue to be made at prices of let’s be honest ridiculous pricing (Over pricing), us true tech savey users won’t be seeing anything really worth $500. Because companies like Samsung keep pushing low end devices to consumers who “Trust” the guy at Best Buy. And Samsung will know they can sell a low end device for nearly 3 times it’s worth.

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Samsung 550 headset

I use my iPhone headset. It works wonders, has a great mic, is always with me anyway, and has the added advantage of messing with people’s heads since I have the Samsung 3 which already looks like a Macbook Air; the iPhone’s earbuds really throw the fanboys off used the ‘Beats Audio’ headset that I have with my mobile handset, but I specifically wanted a boom mic for when I’m leading sessions on Hangouts.

In case anyone else is looking, I ended up buying a ‘Headset Buddy’ that converts two 3.5mm plugs into a single combo plug, this allows you to use any PC headset (with two 3.5mm plugs) with either the Chromebook or any (most?) smartphone. tells me the brand, so partially yes. Is it a USB headset or 3.5mm audio jack the? i’ve just bought a ‘headset buddy’ that lets you convert two 3.5mm audio jacks (normally present on PC headsets) to a single 3.5mm combo port (present on a Chromebook and smart phones etc.).

This should hopefully allow me to plug in any [3.5mm] headset; but I always prefer to use a ‘made for’ solution rather than having to wedge a solution in.

Anyone recommend a headset? I’m doing quite a few hangouts, so would like a comfortable, good quality headset; can anyone suggest one they’ve used? have a Samsung 550 and have tried a USB (Logitech) headset and it seems to have some interference on it.

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charging for Nexus 7

The charging is slower than usual. And the battery life seems to be diminishing way quicker than I remember. I left my tablet sitting in a drawer for about half a year because I had broken my screen and I just recently got it repaired. They told me the charging port was loose and they soldered it back in place. I have no problem with the charging port, but ever since I updated to the latest version of jellybean, these battery problems have come up. Do you think its the fact that I left it dead for a couple of months or something to do with the software?

Nexus 7 does take a long time to charge that’s why I charge it over usually last all day unless I’m playing a lot of shadowgun.. my battery lasts for days except if I have to attend an event and have gps on all the day (then it’s still about 12h) Only other device that I don’t have to charge for days is my old Nokia 3310 (which by the way is still my back up phone when my fancier new devices break)

going to need to give us some statistics. Next time you post, include your battery stats and charging stats.replaced my old N7 today, having bought it last Nov. I don’t know what the problem was, or what caused it, but the battery was very hot.

Here’s a nice story though. When I bought it from ebay I also purchased a protection a plan from the sites. Last night, about an hour before closing time, the tablet stopped working. I rushed into Staples just at closing time and they gave me a number to call. Back at home I contacted them and they approved a replacement at no cost. They emailed the paperwork, I went to the library the following morning, downloaded the certificate, printed it and brought it to Staples. They replaced it for no cost, and in only a matter of about 12 hours after the problem occurred, I walked out of the store with a new N7.

only had mine for a month but have been amazed at how quickly it charges! Are you using the charger/cable that came with the unit originally? The earlier adopters, like me, have slower charging N7s because they’ve updated it. It used to take around 4 1/2 hours

I have the Asus A/C adapter and Samsung cable. And I used to use my HTC phone charger and had the same charge rate. problem could be as simple as cleaning the usb port. I have done this personally with two phones when they had the same symptoms Out of desperation I googled .how to clean a microusb port. And that video popped up. Not saying this is your issue but its so easy to try that its worth a shot.

Have 2 Nexus 7′s the oldest one we had from September and it works great. The other one was a Christmas present and between my four and nine year old play Minecraft on it for hours at a time. They run the battery down quick. They started to playing with it plugged in And ruined the USB jack. I tried 8 different chords none of them will work. I had to buy a dock. I love it…. the Nexus 7 doesn’t like to be under 17 percent. sometimes it takes more than a day to charge when it gets really low. I found it’s the best to shut it down while it’s charging on the dock if its under 30 percent. It will charge pretty quick. I do like the idea of no more unplugging and plugging it in you just need to drop it in.

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iOS could get a design overhaul, but its services need attention

iOS could get a design overhaul, but its services need attention, too , over iOS specifically because it has so much access to information. If Apple can manage to out innovate Mountain View, then we’re in for an interesting decade! most if not all “google apps” are available on an iphone…and chances are, thanks to apple, in one way or another, the apps look and perform better.

Google app will look and run better on on an iPhone? Just wanting to be sure I’m understanding you For setting reminders and alarms, Siri is great.  For finding places, searches and other queries, it is hit and miss.  Google does those better. see this flat design they keep talking about… And watching Apple fall flat on its face

I think Apple is lagging behind in the services department, but I don’t think that design should be downplayed. A device should be as compelling as it is functional. If done well, I think the redesign will bring a freshness to the OS that’s been needed for a couple years now keep customers mesmerized like they’re wearing the emperor’s new clothes, but it doesn’t change the fact that IOS is naked and in need of better services than the ones Apple provides.

With all that cash they have they should have invested i in buying companies as Yahoo has been doing lately. At least they brought in Kevin Lynch who worked at Adobe as CTO, including in bringing Adobe services to the cloud, so we should see some improvements in this and other services from Apple; at least I expect amd agree with this article. Currently running iPhone 5 and Google services.

getting an iPhone 5, but after reading this, not sure anymore,  switched to Android because Google services were so good on the iPhone. app to iOS and all those widgets just clutter up my search.

apple services could use some work but isn’t everyone always complaining that they DON’T like being locked into ONE company? And now you want MORE from them?
So if you have an iPhone and using Google services….whats the problem?? On top of that, when the iPhone came out, it bragged about being able to enjoy the ACTUAL web, as intended, not the old WAP crap that cell phones had. And what happened there? Websites started OPTIMIZING their sites for the iPhone. Not generic versions of their sites, but versions that took advantage of the iPhone capabilities and a lot of those sites looked better for it. And then the app versions came out, better looking and the functionality improved as well. Thats thanks to Apple and no one else. Most of the Google Apps, were optimized for the iPhone and now the iPad and now their desktop versions…are starting to mimic that.

I back up unlimited pics, and share them in an elegant way a la Google+? Instead one has to buy iPhoto then figure out how to create streams, then share.
Siri is still in beta – it’s only convenient for reminders and alarms as someone said above. Beyond that, Google voice search is simply superior. It was never rolled out with a lot of hullabaloo which created a lot of unreasonable expectation when Siri was revealed. a distinctly different UI experience between iOS, OS X, and web? There is no excuse for that. It’s true that Apple is not a big on servers so its unlikely that you’ll get to upload huge numbers of photos on to iCloud.  This is what separates Apple and Google the most.  Google is an Internet company that is focused on the web apps, search, and cloud storage.  Apple is mainly focused on hardware, software, and local storage. Siri uses Google data so Siri does basically the same things as Google voice search.

it survives because it is “good enough”. Often in the marketplace of ideas, “good enough” is enough to win. Apple has been and likely will continue to be a leader in the marketplace of ideas, if not commercial products. I recognize some of the frustrations with the current iteration of IOS, but for me, the skeuomorphism is just an annoyance. The Game Center design is pretty ugly as is Contacts.

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